Fall is the season for football. The Westside Warriors are on the hunt for a conference championship in the 3-4a conference. We are 3-1 in conference and on the road this week against the Hornets. It is obtainable for the Warriors; all they have to do is win out the rest of the season. They would be co-conference champs for the first time in school history. They would also clinch a home playoff game for the first time. The Warriors will clinch a fourth seed spot in the playoffs if they just win this Friday. But the Warriors want it all--to further their record and make school history.

With the win last year,  there is some added pressure this year defending our title. Last year we won district, regionals, and state. The good news is we didn’t lose any starters, so we shouldn’t have any surprises with the other schools. This year we have a new coach, Mrs. Tyner, and we absolutely couldn’t ask for a better coach. Us bowlers are striving to get yet another state title and another ring. I personally believe that we could win district, regional, and also state once again. This would be the first time Westside bowling team would win two state championships consecutively.

By Ian Mitchell and Colton Scott

The Westside Warriors Football Team had a dominating win against the Manila Lions last Friday with a score of 36-8. The Warriors are on the road this week and are heading to play the Hoxie Mustangs. The Mustangs had an unfortunate loss against the Trumann Wildcats 35-20. The Mustangs lost to the Warriors 40-0 last season. predicts the Warriors to win by 14 points, even though the Warriors have never won any away game against Hoxie. The Mustangs run a spread offense pretty similar to the Manila Lions; we handled these plays pretty well. On the defensive side, they loaded the box to try to shut down our run game, but our offensive line handled the Lion's play. With this, we hope to bring home another win for the Westside Warriors for a record of 2-0.

By Kaleb Porter

    Last Monday our senior high football team came out and played  EPC and Rivercrest for our benefit game. Our team came out first and played Rivercrest and lost by one point. After the game, Westside Warriors took a twenty minute break while EPC and Rivercrest played.  Immediately following that game, Westside came back out and played EPC. Westside took the win and and won the game by eight points.  The junior high team played EPC at six o clock. The Warriors and EPC were tied up at the end of the game.


Cards win
This time of year in MLB, every game matters; some teams are trying to clinch their division while some teams are trying to scrape into the playoffs by getting the Wild Card and somehow make a magical run to the World Series. The St.Louis Cardinals won a huge game on Monday night against a division rival, the Pittsburgh Pirates.
The final score was 12-6. Jedd Gyorko and Matt Adams both added homeruns in the win-- Adams’ being a 2 run blast in the 5th inning. Adam Wainwright pitched well through 5 innings giving up 4 runs and allowing 7 hits. The Cardinals are hoping to make that last push to make the postseason. It would be just the 7th time in 30 years that the Cards would not be in the postseason.    
                                                                                                                             ~Nate Gaines


Here at Westside High School, your cheerleaders have been working hard to make a good impression at our football games in front of our peers. We’re working on getting new chants and learning new stunts. This week we will be performing at halftime doing a dance and possibly some stunts. We’re beyond ready to support our Warriors-- hopefully in another win. We encourage everyone that can to come out and help us because we can’t do it all by ourselves. Go Warriors! Beat those Rebels!
                                                                                                                        ~Maranda Lee


The Westside girl’s bowling team took a trip to Conway, Arkansas to compete in the 5A-4A State Bowling Tournament. The tournament consisted of the top 5 boys and girls teams from each conference plus only the top six individuals that are not a member of a qualifying team. The Lady Warriors placed 7th in the tournament and Rachil Wright placed 3rd in the state individual competition. Congratulate your Lady Warriors bowling team!
                                                                                                                     --Caitlin Vickers

Congratulations to the girls bowling team for qualifying for State! Next week they will be making a trip to Conway, AR to compete with the top teams throughout Arkansas. On Wednesday the team placed 5th in Conference and sophomore, Rachil Wright, earned 1st in the region with her overall individual score.
                                                                                                                                   --Caitlin Vickers

The Westside Warrior Boys are state bound for bowling. The boys finished up 4th in regionals with one of our bowlers, Christian Cullum, finishing number one in individuals for the conference. The Warriors will leave next Tuesday, February 15, around 1:15 to make their way to Conway. The will play their matches on Wednesday in hope of winning a State Championship.
                                                                                                                                      --Bairek Bush

The Bowling Warriors rolled right past another team last week as they took on the Southside Southerners on Monday. The Westside team bowled their second consecutive
sweep, winning all 6 games this week as they try to run down the first place Nettleton Raiders. Nettleton has been atop the standings all year, with the Warriors in a lengthy 2nd place and the Riverside Rebels bringing up a unrecoverable 3rd place. The three teams have talked the talk this year, holding their spots tightly as it looks as if there will be no position swaps going on anytime soon. The Westside boys look for three straight sweeps this week.
                                                                                                                                     --Bairek Bush

      The Westside Warriors bowling team took another 5-1 victory over Wednesday, this time, the Ridgefield Warriors falling victim. The Westside team is coming out guns blazing this year with an undefeated record and second in standings to a tough, but beatable Nettleton team. Come out and support the boys and girls bowling teams next Wednesday at the Jonesboro Bowling Alley at 4 pm. See you there!
                                                                                                                                     --Bairek Bush


NFL game recap

Bills(2-2) 16 vs. 0 (3-1) Patriots
This week, I am doing the Bills and Patriots game. Now coming into this, the Bills’ head coach, Rex Ryan, was really on the hot seat needing a big win in Foxborough against the undefeated Patriots. Now how the Patriots are undefeated up to this point was completely insane. Their franchise quarterback Tom Brady is serving a 4 game suspension, and this would be his last game missing due to the suspension. Starting out the season, they had Jimmy Garoppolo in at starter, then he went down leaving it up to the rookie, Jacoby Brissett. Now Brissett isn’t exactly a star QB-- especially since he is only a rookie. He did win the last game he started in which he also injured his thumb leaving them to question the whole week; who would they start? It was a game time decision, but ultimately they gave the start to Brissett because they felt he could play through his injury. And that he did, but it wasn’t the best of games for him or the Patriots. They just could not get in sync throughout the entire game. The defense wasn’t just terrible, only giving up just 16 points. But the offense struggled the entire game. They had chances to score but turnovers killed them, and so did flags. This led to their, 16-0 loss to the Bills Sunday evening. This is the first time since the Patriots were shut-out at home since 1993 when Bill Parcells was the coach. Though it was their first goose egg in a long while, this was the first ever shutout in Gillette Stadium. This was only the 9th time in franchise history, which is really incredible. Lord knows us Patriots fans (Yes, i am a Patriots fan) could use Tom Brady back on that field to give us a little better feeling about the season from here on out.        ~Zachary Dawson


         The game started off as a dog fight-- going back and forth with both teams scoring on their opening drives. We knew that the game was going to be a long fought battle, and the first team to not make a mistake would come out with a victory.
         After we scored, they started to shut down our offense; with a few questionable calls from the referees, the score went up to Truman 21, Westside 7. We had the ball going into the 4th quarter and marching down the field with a few key throws to Quinton Kibby and a 10 yard touchdown run by Hunter Scott. We then kicked an onside, and on a miraculous play by Ethan Thomas we recovered the onside. We went down the field once again and scored to tie the game up 21 to 21 and send the game into overtime. We got the ball to start overtime and scoring, but the unthinkable happened when our kicker missed the PAT to make the game 26 to 21. It was Trumann’s turn to try to score now. The game came down to fourth and five. The crowd was going nuts; it was the loudest game I’ve ever been a part of. They gave the ball to their running back, and his knee was down on the 3 yard line but the referees went ahead and called it a touchdown. They then kicked the PAT to win the game in a heartbreaking game.
         This means we need to win the next three games in order to go to the playoffs and keep our season alive. But we are never going to give up, and we are always going to fight to the very end. Cave City is next, and they will see what a Warrior is.
                                                                                                                                      ~ Austin Tyler

Westside feeling good about face off against Marked Tree

         4-3a Westside Warriors (1-1) will face the 2a Marked Tree Indians (2-0). The Warriors are coming off a huge 40-0 win against the 3a Hoxie Mustangs and are ready to face-off against the Indians. Last week, the Indians beat the 4a Harrisburg Hornets 58-20.  Going up against the tight wing-t offense, the Warriors defense know their defensive line is going to have to be great during this game. Senior Nose Guard, Tyke Taylor says, “Their center cannot hold me. I’m not bigger than him by any means, but I’m a lot stronger and a lot faster. I’m going to blow him back straight into the backfield and destroy their running back and really cause havoc back there.”  
                                                                                                        ~Jake Meeks

Tebow gets signed  

Former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Tim Tebow, was signed to a professional baseball contract on September 8 by the New York Mets. A stellar baseball player in high school, Tebow decided to focus squarely on football after he committed to University of Florida as a quarterback. The Mets gave him a $100,000 signing bonus and sent him to the Port Lucie Instructional League in Florida.
Tebow’s mediocre football career ended in 2015 after a brief stint with the Philadelphia Eagles in which he lost the competition for the third string quarterback to Matt Barkley and was promptly released. In 2011, his only high point of his NFL career was when he led the Denver Broncos to the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs; they lost to the eventual AFC champions-- the New England Patriots. After that season, he was benched and eventually released in favor of Peyton Manning.    
                                                                                                                                        ~Nate Gaines

Westside rallies over Hoxie

  Last Friday, September 9th, the 4-3a Westside Warriors beat the 3a Hoxie Mustangs 40-0. Senior Running Back, Tyke Taylor said, “Hoxie is a good football team and has a really great program. We’ve never had this kind of success against Hoxie. We had less size and less players than they did, so we really had to step it up on our physicality. This is a great win for us, and it really sets the tone for the next game.” The coaching staff at Westside was really impressed with the physical force the defense expressed during the game. Senior tight-end, Austin Tyler said, “It seemed like everyone was on page with what was going on. We knew everyone on the offense and defense was going to have to play with no mistakes, and that is exactly what we did. The defense played amazingly; everyone was flying to the football, and our defensive line clogged the middle giving away the inside zone run.”    
                                                                                                         ~Jake Meeks

Hoxie vs Westside

        Coming off of a tough loss against the 2-a Manilla Lions, Westside has a huge chip on their shoulder. The Warriors have lost to the Hoxie Mustangs ever since their first face off in the 2013-2014 season, but the Warriors have high hopes in this year's faceoffs. Last week the Mustangs lost to  4-3a Trumann Wildcats 34-0. The Warriors’ defense plan is to do the same thing. Senior tight-end Austin Tyler says, “It’s going to be a good team because they’ve always been a tough opponent. We know it isn’t going to be a cakewalk during the game, so we plan to be a physical force this week. This week we have more to play for than just ourselves, our honorary captain Tucker Ward who suffers from Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare disorder that is terminal.”

Big hopes for season opener

Coach Bobby Engle and his Warriors have big hopes as they take on the Manilla Lions this Friday to kick off the 2016 season. Last season, the Warriors lost 34-20, losing both running backs, and linebackers due to injuries. However, both players are seniors, healthy, and well prepared to take on the Lions one last time. Senior running back Tyke Taylor says, “ I think that having emotion is key in this game, and I believe that we have finally found that emotion that we needed as a team. Win or lose this Friday we will have a good season because of that emotion.”
                                                                                           ~ Jake Meeks



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