Halloween Writing Contest 🎃

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Happy Halloween from the WHS Tribal Tribune and the journalism staff! 🎃👻👽💀
To celebrate, we are holding a writing contest with some spooky themed prizes for the winners. Choose one of the following prompts below and submit your response in the comment section below this page. We will choose the winners on Friday, October 27th and will be announced on the following Monday. 
Thank you in advance to all who participate!

  • Do you love trick-or-treating? Dressing up in costumes? Haunted houses? Costume parties? Halloween games? Halloween decorations? Scary movies? Write a poem about your favorite part of Halloween, telling why it is special to you.
  • Write a short, scary story. Remember to build suspense and finish with an ending that would scare your friends.
  • Create a Halloween themed poem. It can be scary or be about the festivities of the holiday itself (ex. costumes, candy, trick or treating, carving pumpkins); you could even make it about the fall season in general.


The moon is red as blood
Fear is in the air kids wander without a care
Goblins and ghouls witches and more
Candies pumpkins scares galore


  1. Darkness comes forth,
    Shovel over my soul
    As evil vs. good begins.
    The Darkness creeps through
    My unbeing and surrounds
    My soul while the hours are lost…
    Until it comes to pass
    That my flesh becomes
    One with the Earth
    Once again….

  2. Ghost and Goblins
    Spook Galore
    Scary Witches
    by your door
    Smiling Bright
    Wishing you a Spooktacular
    Halloween Night

  3. Katelynn May12/10/17 09:35

    It is the time
    For Pumpkin Spice
    and Everything

  4. "Every Halloween Night"

    Every halloween night,
    The moon shines out bright.
    The scariest of them all seek out,
    But no one had a doubt,
    That it might bite.

  5. It is told when friday the thirteenth happens in october halloween is a lot spoker. That is because jason doesn’t come out at the thirteenth he comes at halloween. When kids are going home he strikes them and drags them back to his place with to others and cooks them up in a soup. You’ll know when he is coming because the soles of the kids he killed will warn you. So all ways lesion for you might not hear them but they are watching your every move.

  6. The halloween of last fall

    On halloween night the news came on.
    It was a woman who was kidnapped on the halloween of last fall.
    The she was found on fourth street not a scratch at all.
    There are are a few things that she could recall.

    ¨ It all started on halloween last fall. ¨
    She started to ball
    ¨ I looked out the window and saw a man and then he was gone
    He jumped from the tree and ran across my neighbor's lawn
    Without hesitation I grabbed my gun
    Nowhere to hide nowhere to run
    Just like that my fate had begun
    Where did he come from where did he go
    How long was he there, did he see me, did he watch me how will I know
    How did he get there, where could I go
    Who was he, does he know me, is he a man
    I went out the doors and down the street I ran
    Halloween decorations clinging the walls
    I went in the dark alley for no reason at all
    In the alley stood a man 7 ft tall
    That's when I was kidnapped on the halloween of last fall.¨

    After the program with no delight the tv went off and so did the lights
    There was a thump outside the window to my right
    Wait who is that, someone's watching me...

  7. "Monsters"

    One Halloween
    On the Night
    All the Monsters
    Are Out To Fright
    When You're Out
    There are Monsters

  8. halloween halloween
    pumpkin fright
    halloween halloween
    Vampires Bight
    blood sweet like honey
    almost so good you could sell ti for money
    ha ha ha ha that was so funny
    don't get offended were just clowning around
    we come out year after year but after 3 o'clock to the caves were bound

  9. "Monsters"

    Watch where you walk
    Monsters are watching the clock
    If you're not a killer
    You might be dinner
    Watch your shoed or
    You might be food

  10. On halloween
    A lot of kids scream
    But what they don't know
    Is what is below
    They jump with a fright
    And cant sleep that night

  11. There were these two kids Named Billy and Jackie. They were going to go trick or treating. It was their first year going by themselves. They did a few hours of trick or treating, but after they hit their 50th house they started being followed by this creepy black van. The van followed them for the next 10 houses and it was still following them. After a while they got scared and started running for home. When they got half way home the man in the van snuck up beside them and pulled them in. Once that happens they remember hearing stories in the news about kids being kidnapped. The man driving had on a pumpkin mask, and the dude that pulled them in was wearing a vampire mask. Billy and Jackie was scared. After a while of sitting there scared the van stopped in front of a hotel. And the man in the pumpkin mask held Billy and the man in the vampire mask held Jackie. When they got inside they sat Billy and Jackie down on the bed and they went into the other room. Before they went into the other room they told the kids they were going to the next room to figure out what they were going to do with them. When they got back they picked up Jackie and took her into the other room. On the way in there Jackie was screaming and crying and so was Billy. The man in the pumpkin mask went with Jackie and the man with the vampire mask stayed with Billy. In each room the person in the mask had a knife and as they were lowering their knives they took off their masks and started laughing. The man in the pumpkin mask was their dad and the man in the vampire mask was their uncle. At the end of the night everybody knew it was a halloween prank.

  12. The Halloween Fright
    It was Tuesday, October 31 the night of halloween in the little town of Bono. No one know what was coming. It would be the biggest scary of halloween. Everyone was getting ready for Westside High School's halloween party. That night at the party there was a girl named Haleigh and her friends. They were all having a good time when a mystery man. He was no one know. Haleigh took the chance and talked to the mystery man but she did not know his dark dark secret. Haleigh was talking to him when he turned into a werewolf. Everyone was so scared and he bit Haleigh on the neck. She turned into a werewolf and ate everyone. Her friends all turned into a werewolf.

  13. Alexa Bessee17/10/17 08:16

    I was driving down a barren highway at about 2am. Unlike most, driving actually kept me awake, when I was the one doing it. I was heading to my friends’ house; they always held huge Halloween parties, and when I say they went all out, I mean it. My friends lived a state away from where I did, as that's where our college choices led us. The highway that I was on was a two-lane thing with woods as close to the shoulder as possible, on either side. I was keeping an eye on where I was driving, but I would still look at the woods every now and then. It wasn’t warm, but it wasn't cold, so I had my window rolled down. I was lost in my own little world when my gas light turned on, and there were a few dings. I sighed and pulled over to the side of the road. I was extremely low on gas, so I might as well save some. I called a gas company and said that they would send someone out to fill up my car, but it’s be about 30 minutes. I thanked them and hung up. That's when I noticed something. The woods were completely silent. You would think that I’d at least hear an owl or crickets right? I whipped my head around to look out of my open window; a stick had cracked. And it was close. I heard someone curse after the stick broke.
    I dove into the backseat. I found it very lucky that I happened to be wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and black tennis shoes. I pulled out my pocket knife from my pocket; it was something that I kept with me at all times. I pulled my hood over my head and waited in silence. I heard heavy boots thudding across the road as whoever it was came over to my car. They stuck a hand through my window and tried to open the door. They quickly got frustrated and kicked the door in anger before walking off, muttering “I knew I shoulda brought a flashlight. I can’t see anything out here with this new moon.”
    They walked back to the woods. I waited for 10 minutes before getting back in the front seat. I reach to turn my car back on, forgetting momentarily that I had low gas. My hands grasped air. I hadn’t noticed that whoever that man was had taken my car keys. I really wish I hadn't done what I did next, but I if I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be able to tell my friends what happened. I grabbed my small flashlight out of my glovebox and climbed out of my window and walked to the woods. I got a good 50 feet into the woods, walking in a straight line. I heard a jingling sound in front of me. My keys! I ran to where I heard the sound, but… now it was behind me. I whipped around and it was back where it was before. I was turning back and forth for about 5 minutes before I stopped, dizzy. Soon, I heard a deep rumbling laugh that seemed to fill up every amount of space in the forest. I shuddered. Suddenly, I had an idea. I turned off my light. The laughter stopped, and I heard a quiet “Where the heck…. Did he go?”
    I took this chance to walk back to my car quietly. About halfway back, something whizzed past my head, and I heard laughing again. I got to my car and saw that my keys were in the passenger seat. This guy had good aim, I must admit. I hopped back in my car and waited. The sound of another car was music to my ears. The person pulled up and filled my gas tank. When they were done, we went our separate ways. I drove as fast as I could to my friends house. When I got there, I explained everything that happened. Their faces paled as I mentioned the laughter. And apparently they saw something else, and pointed behind me. I get to the door and the figure behind it vanished. I open the door and a small piece of paper falls in front of me. My breath carches in my throat as I read the message.
    "Be very glad that you didn’t follow me deeper into the woods. You wouldn’t have come back. But, you should be very scared, as I now know where your friends and you live."


  14. "Carving Pumpkins"
    You carve into their orange guts
    Making very strange cuts
    Their insides may spray upon your clothes
    Make sure to not forget their nose
    You leave them out to glow at night
    They are seen by their candlelight
    They may offer a playful banter
    However beware of the jack-o-lantern

  15. "Halloween Night"

    Halloween, Halloween
    Spook and fright.
    Ghost and Goblins
    Coming out to fight.
    Vampires and Werewolves
    Here with mite.
    They’re here once a year
    Only on Halloween night.

  16. At last, a whisper in your ear
    Tingles up your spine
    Hairs on your neck go up
    You don't know who is behind

    Don't look back
    Or something will happen
    The souls a black
    Hearts are clapping

    One more breath, down you go
    you hear a voice
    But don't look back
    The fear will show

  17. It was a dark and silent night. Even the quitest noise could be heard. I was ready for christmas break, so I eagerly got up from bed and ran towards the bathroom door to get dressed. While in the bathroom, I heard some scratching in my bedroom, but I assumed it was just my cat. Later that morning I got in my car and headed towards work but as I was backing out of the driveway, there was a dark firgure standing the my bedroom window staring down at me. I stopped the car and watched as it turned and floated towards the closet. I decided to just get over it and go to work, but I couldn't get it off my mind. Later that day, I arrived home around ten at night. The figure wasn't in the bedroom window this time, however, in the bathroom window. I opened the car door and ran inside, I was about to find who ever this was and give them the beating of their life! I ran and bursted through the bathroom door, however the figure wasn't there. So I ran towards the bedroom, but still no figure. I went to bed rather frightened that night, but I kept waking up. About the 3rd time of my awakening, the figure was there, in the corner facing me. It slowly turned just its head and I now saw, its mouth was broken severaly, almost completely seperated! I was frozen, I couldn't move or speak. It said to me, "You've committed rather horrible actions in your past, you will now pay for those you have wronged!" I fell asleep, but I never woke up again. Eventually, about 3 days later, I woke up and it was very bright outside. I yawned and looked around. The firgure wasn't there, so I got up and turned around to make my bed, but there, was my lifeless body. My jaw severaly broken, almost completely seperated!

  18. Tyler Bowman17/10/17 10:10

    All the cool thing
    That people are becoming
    At halloween for trick or treating

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  20. Levi Simpson17/10/17 10:13

    When Halloween arrives
    It drives
    The ghouls
    To go insane
    It’s the bane
    That makes us scream
    It’s not ideal
    To eat a meal
    Right before Halloween


  21. ...

    “Eliza why did you stab your sister?” I held her hands tight in my own, thoughts rushing through my head. I hadn’t told the doctors what happened, and now that the nurses were out of the room, I figured it was about the right time to ask.
    “She told me to.” She responded almost blankly, looking forward, but at nothing in particular; seeming dazed.
    “Your sister..?” I questioned.
    “No..” she paused, before pointing to the doll that not sat in a chair next to Evelyn’s bed.
    “......what do you mean..?” I looked at the doll, keeping my eyes trained on it, but speaking to my daughter, only.
    “She told me not to tell.” and with that, she pulled away, skipping off to the doll again.
    And in that moment,
    I could have sworn I saw it smile.


    (honestly this is just a fraction of everything I wrote but apparently it was too long so here-

  22. The school day had gone great! You had passed your algebra exam with flying colors and couldn’t wait to show your parents your A+ 105/100 once you got home. First you had to complete your shift at work. Luckily your work is within walking distance from your home so you can just have your friend drive you to work and you could walk the rest of the way home.
    A few hours later you finish your 6 hour shift at Dollar General.”Finally I can go home.” you hesitate before walking out into the crisp October air and the darkness that awaits beyond the threshold of the door. You work up the courage to exit the door and cross that threshold of darkness and light, security and danger, life and death. You always had an eerie feeling walking home from work, like someone was watching you, but tonight the feeling was amplified greatly, you had no clue why.
    Every little scuttle in the bushes made you jump. You were only one more block away from your house when you see a shadow behind you slowly gaining on you and you turn around to be met with a lady in her mid 80’s she’s covered in what looks to be a black dress and head gown that seems to be ripped and torn like she had been attacked she was small and hunched over maybe 4 ft tall. She kept her eyes closed. She got about five feet from you, you were now petrified and completely frozen in your tracks staring at this woman that seemed to appear from air. She suddenly began to raise to your height, and you looked down at her feet to see how she was raising and she didn’t have feet, the only thing that was there was a void, a void that looked like it was waiting, waiting for someone or something to fill its place, in fact her whole body was a almost void. She reached your eye level and her eyes snapped open and the void that filled the place of her eyes snapped you out of your frozen state.
    You began to sprint away and search for anything you could hide behind or anyone’s house with a light on inside. A deathly screech echoed behind you and got closer every second.
    As you glanced behind you, you can see that she had turned into a giant looming figure with huge torn wings and glowing eyes slowly gaining on you. You feel youself grabed violently by a hand with very sharp nails that began to rip and tear you skin as she picked you up and devoured you whole.

  23. Night of the living everything

    It was finally Halloween, my favorite time of the year. John decided to go trick or treating with some of my friends out by the abandoned boat dock. It wasn’t very scary, the moonlight was almost making the stars invisible to the darkness, so John could see everything. On the way to the next house, they saw a man in the lake next to the abandoned dock, John went to check it out, when he got there the man was looking at him while floating away.
    The man’s eyes shined in the most eerie way, then, a big flash of white came over john. John woke up in the most unsettling way, with little creatures eating him away. He got up at screamed then did a little dance to get whatever was on him off. He soon realized that it had been the tv controller, and a bag of chips, he started to back up, but when he did, he felt something bite into his arm. He jerked his arm and the microwave flew off of the counter, John just kicked it and kicked it. Soon the whole house was moving and trying to eat people, John was trying to hold off the furniture and the annoying little ants. He had just found a knife and was cutting in every direction. His mom was just swallowed into the house and was screaming his name. Then he woke up, and realized that nothing had happened except he had wet the bed.

  24. Neelyville Mo 1957

    Our small rock band had been working on a song called, The stick. Its about a boy who gets his parents murdered by his uncle. He tries to run from him, but his uncle had no ammo. The boy kills his uncle with a stick. Its perfect for this autumn season.
    I played my rickenbacker, and James played his Les paul. Josh was playing along with his upright piano. The doorbell rang, and interrupted our rehearsal. The boys ran to the kitchen for a coke. I left my leftover coke in the garage studio. I went down to get it. Robert opened the door, carlos, and the rest of the boys got their cokes. I peaked my head around the corner to see an old man. I know who he is! He pulled out a pistol. BOOM! Robert jumped out the window, everyone else ran for their lives. James sped to the bathroom, and carlos tackled the man to the ground. Carlos, and josh ran out to the truck. I ran through the door. BOOM! my leg stung like a wasp. I jumped into the truck, everyone was inside. I started it, and took off. My uncle bud wasn't dead yet.