Thursday, April 5, 2018

EAST heading in all directions by Leticia Mancilla, Hailey Davis, Sam Crossen, Cameron Bandy, and Kaytlyn Ferguson

     Did you know in Nicaragua that approximately 30 percent of the population lives on $2 per day? This is such an upsetting number. Imagine doing that yourself. People are trying to help, and you should be a part of the movement as well. Yes, it seems hard, but we may have figured out a way that you can help. At Westside there has been a collaboration of ideas to help Open Heart Ministries in their mission to help people in Nicaragua make sure their daily needs are met by using agriculture.
One of our students, Jesse Clayton, is highly involved in Open Heart Ministries. According to the website, the main purpose of OH Ministries is to “exalt the name of Jesus and bring Glory to our Lord and Savior.” They’re using strategic manners to share the gospel with boys, girls, men and women in every nation in order to see how the love of the Lord can affect people in the best way. Every day they are working hard to get more people to help and grow their organization.
The EAST and agriculture program at Westside are helping Jesse and the OH Ministries accomplish their goal by getting the word out while providing the technology and also the scientific aspect of the whole project. EAST is producing a manual to efficiently and effectively show what our AG. program has in mind for helping the citizens of Nicaragua. There is a group of people with different agriculture knowledge trying to come up with a plan in order for the people of the country to have a better ability of getting things they need. They are using aquaponics and aquaculture to help the people use their indigenous crops and livestock. There are many ways they are trying to get food to these countries. Another planting system that they are looking into is a tower garden. This is costly compared to others, but with your help, that could be no problem. The tower garden’s main concept is that you put seeds into a starter plug that travels to the net pot that goes into a plant site. Once the seed gets there, four plants are in the growing pot. The growing pots are what make up the tower garden. This is just one of the ideas. They are also talking about building chicken coops, bee hives, wells, solar panels and getting a few of the communities tractors and trucks. They are figuring out the best ways to handle the livestock and crops. Taking care of these things is a big responsibility to have. In order to take care of them, price should not be the problem.
The costs are a little pricier than going outside and putting a seed in the ground. A lot of the prices range from $4,000 to $5,000. We would appreciate your help with sharing this information and helping Jesse gather information and reach the goals for Nicaragua and many other countries.

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