Thursday, April 5, 2018

EAST making a difference by Marc Carter, Dawson Johnson, Emily Gann, and Bryanna Slayter

     Jesse Clayton, one of our Westside students, is co-leading a project to benefit the Open Heart Ministries mission project in Nicaragua. The project is implementing agriculture and technology to help the developing country gain more access to resources. Jesse’s main goal is to make a manual that will be translated into many languages. This will be used to help other countries as well. The manual includes how to make and use feeding centers, refrigeration, condensed aquaponics, irrigation, filtration, security fencing, barns, and grazeland. Other students helping on this project include students in EAST. There is a particular student named Dawson Johnson who is working on 3D models of a chicken house, aquaponics system, and aeroponics system. Dawson created the models to help explain what they will look like in Nicaragua. Emily Gann is contributing by drawing pictures for Jesse’s manual. Other students like Brenya Sutton are researching efficient farming techniques. Mr. Josh Parks is one of the agriculture teachers who has been working on the replica of aquaponics in the green house. He has successfully made it with the help of students in his classes. We could also use the help of our community. While donations are always appreciated, information and sources are just as valuable.The best way for you to help is to forward information to Jesse. Being able team up with our community could increase the efficiency of the project. If you would like to participate, you are able to contact Jesse and others to start creating a better life for people in Nicaragua and improve the agriculture in their community.

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