Monday, March 12, 2018

Super bowl 52 by Ian Mitchell

Super Bowl 52 is one for the books. The Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots on February 4th, 2018. The game came down to the wire but let's talk about the end of the game last. The Eagles came in as the underdogs like they have been the whole playoff run because they have a backup quarterback running the team. The Patriots were expected to become tied for the most franchise super bowl rings.
The Patriots won the coin toss and elected to kick. The Eagles capitalized off this and scored their first offense possession with a field goal. 3-0 Eagles. The Patriots answered with a field goal of their own later in the quarter. 3-3 tie ball game. Then Nick Foles threw a shot in the end zone for Jeffrey and it was a completed touchdown. 9-3 eagles going into the second quarter after missing the extra point attempt. After getting the ball, the Patriots missed a field goal wide left. Later on, the former Patriot LeGarrette Blount ran all over his former team for a 21-yard touchdown. 15-3 eagles. Patriots are trying to comeback they answer with a field goal. 15-6 eagles. The Patriots then answer again with another touchdown after they got an interception. 15-12 eagles. The Eagles dig deep and pull a trick out of their bag, that they stole from the Patriots minutes before, throwing a pass to their quarterback Nick Foles and scoring. 22-12 eagles halftime. Patriots score on the first drive after halftime.22-19 Eagles. Eagles try to keep the lead and score. 29-19 eagles. Patriots score again on their second possession. 29-26 eagles. Time for the third quarter. All the Eagles can muster up this time, is a field goal 32-26 eagles. Tom Brady and the Patriots take the lead. 32-33 Patriots. The Eagles aren't done either though they answer with their own touchdown 38-33 Eagles. The Patriot's ball and they then turn it over to the Eagle's strip sack Brady and take over possession. The eagles capitalize and make it where the Patriots can only force overtime but not the game. 41-33 Eagles. The Patriots try but the game is over and the Eagles are the super bowl champs. This Superbowl broke the recorded for the most yards recorded ever for a game in the postseason and regular season.

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