Monday, March 12, 2018

Civil war in Jonesboro by Adrian Guardiola

If you’re driving in the downtown area of Jonesboro, Arkansas, you are transported back in time to many interesting events. Many buildings are very historical and span almost 3 centuries. Offering a rich history. You may not know, but in front of the old County Courthouse where the WW2 soldier statue is, there was a skirmish on August 2, 1862. After Confederate Captain Mitchell A. Flair was sent home for rest, along with the Twenty-third Arkansas Infantry unit, they were ambushed by Union troops camped outside the ridge. Their goal was to attack all the county seats in Northeast Arkansas. There was only one casualty for the Confederates, and the Union had overrun 75 Confederate troops taking 24 prisoners, 31 horses, and 3 carriages. The remaining Confederate troops planned a raid attack the next morning. As Captain Flair ordered to fire as the battle raged forward. The Union tried to retreat while holding their ground at the same time to give their comrades a chance to get the horses. The Confederate soldiers,
that were coming home from the Battle of Shiloh learned the rebel yell and used it against the Union troops to confuse and scare them. Augustus Ellison of the Fourth Missouri Home Guard was killed by Union gunfire at the modern-day intersection of Union Street and Washington Avenue. He was the only Confederate casualty that day, while the Union troops escaped Jonesboro with only 8 casualties.

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