Monday, March 12, 2018

Bono park by Jacklyn Stringer

I am a resident of Bono, and I wanted to find more information on the new park being built. So I contacted Danny Shaw, the mayor of Bono, and asked him a couple of questions. I asked him first about how much time it would take to build the park, and he said that it would be under construction for a few more years, but they just want to get most of it done and add on as they go. In answering the rest of my questions, he said that they are hoping for a splash pad, outside stage, and a chat walking trail around the whole park, plus restrooms. He said that the park will be finished as soon as the money becomes available. They also want to make the road through the park usable and provide some parking areas, and this will be done soon so that we can enjoy the park. The total of everything being established at the park will cost about $250K. The park will also have hours, said Mr. Danny Shaw, “The park will be open during all the daylight hours. I hope we can shut it down at 9:00 p.m.”  “This,” he says, “will help deter vandalism.”       
       Mr. Danny Shaw is hoping that with the location of the new park there will be more supervision. He is hoping that a neighborhood watch program could help as well. Right now there is no park director. Bono received a grant for $194,500, and they still have some of the money left to finish some of the work. Spending so far has been on the following items for the park:  $100K for a playground, $20K on pavilions and covers, $25K has been spent on a basketball court, and $17K spent on the baseball enclosure. We received a donation from Wood Springs Pharmacy for $6,500, and that will pay for the walking track. We have so many different churches in Bono, but this particular church, the Methodist Church, has offered to have a big pavilion built inside the walking track. Then to complete everything needing to be done to the new park, the city will chip in about $4K.  Another question I asked was, “What will happen to the old park?” Mr. Danny Shaw responded with this, “The old park is used by many in the area.” He also said that the walking track at the old park is still being used, along with the baseball field for some of the little league teams to practice. The city has set back some money to put a new piece of equipment in the old park. Mr. Danny Shaw said, “I hope we can put a dog park in there as well so, that park will be maintained and remain a park.”

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