Monday, February 12, 2018

Trump's State of the Union by Dawson Johnson

Image: "American Flag and Bald Eagle"

     Howdy, miscreants. I’m here writing this article to tell you just a bit about the State of the Union that Trump did a few days ago. For this I’ve watched a bit of it and read the transcript, for it was faster to read it than to watch it. Anyway a chunk of this speech was Trump going over what has already been done with the government. This is fine with me for when you are having a speech like this, this serves as a checklist, and it’s important to say what's already been done. Trump also had people’s families from tragedies around the country as well as people who had done heroic things. This is pretty common for they add a real life aspect to why some things should be done; people who say that these families and heroes are being used should just think of this. They can make their own choices. If someone decides to show up for the State of the Union under an invite from Trump, they know what they’re getting into; they’re probably doing it to get word out about what has happened to them.
     Then finally, there were the things he said that he was going to do like renegotiating trade deals, rebuilding American industries, and trying to pass more tax cuts to create more jobs. I won’t say everything because the State of the Union is over an hour long speech, so I’m not covering all of that in an article, but what I will say is what Trump says is pretty good. If he keeps to this list he has stated, which most people liked what he said, things should go well . Really, that’s all that can be said. It was a good speech, and if he follows it, I believe it will help America. Anyway, this is me now signing out-- for that’s all I have to say.

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