Friday, February 2, 2018

Should the cafeteria get debit/credit card swipers? By Garret Brooks and Chandler Diles

Mrs. Passmore: Yes, because my personal benefit would be that I wouldn’t have to use a check or cash to get lunch that day. I could just swipe my card. It would just be a whole lot faster.
Nurse Lori: No, because kids are too immature and most of them don’t have debit or credit cards.
Mrs. Cureton: Yes, that would be great because no one carries cash anymore. It would be a lot easier to put money in the account.
Mrs.Eggers: I think that’s an incredible idea because I don’t usually carry cash on me, and there’s been times that I forget my lunch, and it stinks.
Mrs. Pate: I think it’s a great idea, but we aren’t allowed to do it because the Legislative Audit doesn’t allow us to do that.
Mrs. Black: I think, yes, but only if the funds are available because not all students need it because it is luxury not a necessity.

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