Monday, February 12, 2018

Modified block schedule versus true block schedule by Bryanna Slater, Brianna Cox, Alex Gillespie, and Vanessa Cross

Before you know which schedule you prefer, you must know what a “block” schedule is. A block schedule is a system for scheduling the middle or high school day, typically by replacing a more traditional schedule of six or seven 40–50 minute daily periods with longer class periods that meet fewer times each day and week. What we have here at WHS is not a true block schedule. We have a modified “block.” What that means is that we have three classes for each day (which we know as A and B days). Each class is about 90 minutes long. If you add it up, it is not a full school day which is why we still have 4th and 5th which are still 45-50 minute periods that you proceed to go to every day. The reason we have a modified block is so that athletics, choir, band, and extracurricular activities can still meet every day.
      There are also some pros and cons to block scheduling. The pros are teachers see fewer students during the day giving them more time for individualized instruction. With the increased span of teaching time, longer cooperative learning activities can be completed in one class period. Students have more time for reflection and less information to process over the course of a school day. Teachers have extended time for planning. The cons are teachers see students only three to four days a week which fosters a lack of continuity from day to day. If a student misses a day under the block schedule, that student is actually missing two or sometimes even more days. It is difficult to cover the necessary material for Advanced Placement courses in the time allotted. Our opinion on block scheduling is it isn't that bad because you have more time to get homework done. :)

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