Wednesday, January 31, 2018

WAMI packet by Lindsey Norman and Alison Doyle

The hot topic lately around Westside High has definitely been the WAMI packets.  Many people are giving negative responses.  Alison Doyle and I recently went around the high school and chose a few teachers and a variety of students from different grades.  We asked them to use one word to describe their thoughts of the WAMI packet.  Most responses were not great.  Eighth grade student Jackson Wolf used the word “terrible” because he hated the idea of the whole thing.  Jake Parks, freshman, said the work was “confusing” simply because he could not understand which assignments he was supposed to do.  Lamaria Hankerson, also a freshman, used the word “trash” and ended on that note.  Sophomore Remington Sheffield said that the WAMI packets were “unorganized” because they had bad directions that were by no means clear.  Junior Jacklyn Stringer used the word “great” because she likes to focus on the positivity of things.  Both seniors, Faith Alspund and Landon Walls used the words “irrelevant” and just “stupid” because they didn’t agree with having to spend their day out of school doing work that wasn’t even clear.  Personally, I think the WAMI packets were a good idea, but they had no clear direction in telling students what to do.  In the future, I would like it if there were more specific directions on which assignments each individual student should work.  Alison agrees.  From a teacher’s perspective, Mr. Turner said that the work was “resourceful” because he got paid for not attending school.  Mrs. Cureton used the word “universal” because she liked how all students were given the same assignments other than in the math category.  She was fond of the idea that students could help each other, even if they were in different grades.  There were some good reviews and some bad, but by the looks of the overall opinion, the WAMI packets could use just a few improvements.

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