Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Unused technology by Leticia Mancilla

     Did you know Arkansas high school libraries are required to have 3,000 books or 8 books per student? Westside's library has around 6,000. That may seem way over the limit, but it isn’t as large as last year’s amount. The reason for this change is the new additions and remodel we got to the library. We have 3 brand new display tv’s. They are awesome, and I highly appreciate the school for getting them, but at the same time do we not have enough technology? Lately I have realized technology has consumed our school. Yes, I understand we are growing, and I like it all, but is it really necessary? Let’s be realistic at some of the technology we have in the school. Student, Maddie Davis, feels as if our technology isn’t used to its fullest ability. “I have never seen half of the T.V’s we have used, so why is our money going to them?” We currently have a tv in front of the office, one in the cafeteria, and some of the classrooms are getting some.I understand the abilities some teachers gain from having newer technology in the classroom, but at the same time some teacher’s projectors are broken, they don’t have a decent desk, supplies are low, and etc. Robin Hoots said she’d love to see our funds spent more liberally instead of just spending it on technology or sports. The list could go on and on, but long story short, let’s spend our money on more necessities. We have 4 or 5 iPad carts, one for each department, and they all have an Apple TV hookup. Have you ever used an Apple TV or seen your teacher use it? Most likely no. What about the iPads? When have you actually used one besides grabbing one in a hurry because your chromebook is dead. A lot of our technology has little to no use, unless it’s a specific class. Besides our lovely EAST group or CBA classes, the classroom technology doesn’t get used.
These are just a few minor examples of the problem with extra technology at the school. Instead of only complaining about the technology, here’s an idea to make it better. I feel as if we should sell most of our unused technology and keep a limited number. The money made from selling could go towards either buying better computers, since most of us use our chromebooks daily, or even getting better technology for our teachers. Let’s work towards making what we have the best instead of trying to get it all to be the best. To sum it all up, I love that Westside is trying to give us the best learning tools, but as a whole school let’s not forget to let go of old things and bring in better stuff. I hope you understand where the student body and I are coming from. It’s not that we don’t enjoy technology; we just want to get rid of what isn’t used around the school.

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