Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Technology by Jacklyn Stringer

Everyone is using technology now days; it goes from chips in our debit cards, iphone 8, and much more. I really dislike technology because it seems to me we are using it a lot more than we should. We use a computer every day at school, and teachers are using an online classroom to assign us work. I remember when we used to pull out paper and a pencil, and that would be all we need for class. I really don’t like technology, but since it has become a primary use in today’s society, I will just have to learn how to use it. 
Some advantages to technology:
- Improved communication
- Easy access to information
- Social networking
Some disadvantages: 
- Job loss
- Weapons
- Social isolation 
- Replaces other skills we need to learn
I don’t believe in replacing humans, producing more weapons of mass destruction that can be used every time we go to war. I don’t want to talk to an auto person every time I call a business. The one thing that makes me really dislike technology is the future generation will never know what it is like to talk to actual people. They’ll never learn how to speak when they go to a job interview. They never have to learn anything because technology will do it for them. This will affect my children and my grandchildren. What if they never learn to have a conversation with another human?

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