Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How do students feel about chromebook restrictions? by Emily Gann

Hello, Westside! A controversial topic here at school is chromebook restrictions. While staff and students find it necessary, filters often run rampant and block needed websites. Our own blog even got blocked for a few days! However, they are often needed, which gives pros and cons to the matter. Let’s see what our students and staff think!

“They suck.” -Leo

“It’s okay.” -Anon

“They need to chill out about the whole thing.” -Ernesto

“The thing is okay, but they should put it on Google more instead of Youtube. Some of the stuff is good, and some of it really is bad.” -Anon

“I don’t care, they’re just to do your book work on anyways.” -Anon

“I don’t care.” -Anon

“They’re needed, but they restrict a bit much… It prevents us from doing a lot of classwork, and it makes it harder for the teachers. It prevents us from doing bad stuff, but good stuff as well.” -Isaiah

“It’s relevant.” -Anon

“They’re dumb, just because someone accidentally did something bad doesn’t mean everyone should be punished.” -Anon

“I think that if students signed a contract, they shouldn’t have to be restricted. Teaching them great ideals is important, and they’ll be able to access resources for their creative selves.” -Mrs. Tyner

“Blocking websites is one thing, but Youtube is ridiculous.” -Anon

“It’s bullcrap on Youtube, but a few websites are okay.” -Anon

“They’re ridiculous.” -Cole

“I don’t like them.” -Kaitlyn

“While it can be frustrating, I find it necessary. I can always email administration if I truly need a website for education.” -Mrs. Chapman

“I don’t care.” - Harlei

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