Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bullying is WRONG!!! by Samantha Crossen and Hailey Davis

The issues of bullying have become a problem in schools world wide. Bullied victims seem to come from schools with low supervision. We asked around the Westside domain and found a student who obliged with our questions. Our Westside Warrior, when asked ‘When did the bullying begin?’ couldn't give us a definite answer. She said, “Pinpointing when the bullying started is tricky; I only have the memories of being bullied.” Later after this question, we asked ‘How did the bullying affect you and how has the bullying affected who you are today?’ Her reply was, “The bullying has always left scars. Scars that few would completely understand.” She told us that she was targeted due to her weight and added, “It was hard to figure out what to wear due to the status quo.”
One of the last questions asked was ‘What advice do you have for people who are bullied or parents of kids who are bullied?’ She said, “Always stand up for yourself? I suppose. I never stood up for myself. I smiled at those who bullied me, and they still seemed to dig deeper. Get a teacher and don’t be afraid of being called a ’Snitch’. Get a counselor to help you. We have counselors that would be absolutely happy to listen and resolve the problems here at Westside. Parents-- just be there for your kids; watch them because anything positive helps. Suicide rates only go up every year’.
Her last statement got us wondering, and we did some research about suicide rates and found that in 2014 the U.S suicide rate has increased by 24% (S.Curtin, “Increase in Suicide in the United States,” 1999–2014). After reading that horrifying news about the U.S, we figured we should cut the interrogation short and avert our peer to our last question.  ‘How do teachers deal with bullying behaviors, and what can be done to reduce bullying among students?’  Her last reply was, ‘Teachers always seemed to turn a blind eye to the actions of bullies for reasons I will never understand. But there are some teachers that I know today that would make sure bullying was stopped because still to this day I cannot look into a mirror and say ‘you’re beautiful’ without bursting into tears. No matter how my loved ones tell me I am wrong, this emotional scarring-- can’t be lifted.’
After these sad words and confessions from our victim, we seem to have a better understanding about bullying and hope we have opened an eye to the situation. If not, we can try again in our article next month. Bullying is WRONG!!!! Part 2.

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