Sunday, December 10, 2017

Naughty or nice?


Our Guesses--Sam-- I think The naughty or nice list was created in order to keep children acting better around Christmas time. Maybe it was like an adult secret around the world. The naughty or nice list is to promise kids whether they get coal or presents for Christmas. Most kids do not actually get coal for Christmas, if they are bad, but those who do have really strict parents most likely. The list is mainly  brought up around Christmas time, but if my accusations are wrong, I hope there are no hard feelings.
Our Guesses--Cam-- I believe that the naughty and nice list is a scam created by parents to influence their kids that if you are not good, then Santa  (your parents) will not have any gifts under the Christmas tree. I also believe they created this to keep their kids asleep during Christmas Eve night because apparently he knows when you’re awake. So it seems that the parents have outsmarted the kids this time around, convincing us to stay in bed and to be good boys and girls.

Now even though we may have sugarcoated the scam idea, we aren’t afraid to uncover the truth!

We are wrong. We are so wrong.

Disclaimer: Now if the story you are about to read is factual-- then cool, but in case it isn’t-- because there are many other “True stories” around the world, we hope you are at least amused by our wonderful findings.

Apparently, this worldwide scam actually came from old Norse tales. It goes even far enough back that it ties to the mythological god Odin. The story is-- Odin or as they called him “Wodan” had magical powers like our Santa does, and he rode an eight- legged horse. Crazy huh? He was also told to be accompanied by two black crows who would hang around chimneys and listen in on whether or not children were being good or bad--like having spies. In all technicality, Odin had elves. They were just in bird form.
Saint Nicholas started around the fourth century and was spread world wide along with being tied to the Norse folk tales. This may not be entirely a scam, but the tale has made it worldwide in a different sense. Technically, it is still a scam-- but Hey! It's Christmas time! So behave, and keep yourself off the naughty list.
Santas’ Helpers

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