Friday, December 1, 2017

Kilroy was here by Dawson Johnson

(Engraving of Kilroy on the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.)

Howdy miscreants! Today I’m going to tell you about a funny little doodle that traveled the world called Kilroy. So to start with, this doodle is known as many names but largely known as Kilroy. He was especially popular with American soldiers in WWII in which they would draw something like that big nose guy above with the statement “Kilroy Was Here” on some wall. Though what’s funny is no one knows how this guy became popular to scratch on to something. There are some theories about it, but no one knows for sure. Though what is known is that the doodle of that bald headed guy wasn’t always associated with “Kilroy Was Here”-- for the doodle was originally known as Chad or Mr. Chad who British soldiers would draw him with the words “Wot? No Tea?” or whatever supply they were out of at the time. While American soldiers would just write “Kilroy Was Here” on things though eventually the two combined into what you can see above. The joke was no matter where you went, Kilroy had already been there. Sadly in more recent times this kind of died out, which I find sad because the idea of this I find hilarious.  I thought, “How could this be brought back?” It came to me to learn how to draw ole’ Kilroy and start drawing him on marker boards, assignments, and etcetera to spread him out and about a bit. Heck I am even doing this to get Kilroy back out there. So you may be saying, “But Dawson, I don’t know how to draw Kilroy.” Well, guess what? I’m going to show you how in this article.

Step 1:
  • Draw a line with those bumps for his fingers and those curves that go up down and up again for his nose and eyes.

Step 2:
  • Now put a line at the bottom of those large upward bumps to enclose his eyes as well as shade in a bit of them so Kilroy has some pupils.

Step 3:
  • Draw a half circle going over his eyes to make the top of Kilroy’s head.

Step 4:
  • Draw small bumps on the bottom of what I said earlier would be Kilroy’s fingers to finish them, and BOOM-- you got yourself a Kilroy.

Step 5:
  • Start spreading the word of Kilroy by putting him on something with the words “Kilroy Was Here.” For I would find it absolutely hilarious if this became big again, and maybe if it does I’ll do another article with pictures of all the places Kilroy has been. Though whether I do that depends on you the reader. If you want this to happen, place Kilroy somewhere that won’t be considered vandalizing. Then send a picture of where you put it to, and if enough of these are sent in, I’ll consider making an article about Kilroy’s resurgence at WHS.


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