Tuesday, December 5, 2017

History of reindeer


“You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
you know Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen,
But do you recall
The most famous reindeer of all…”

Everyone knows the most famous reindeer is Rudolph, but do you know where the reindeer came from or the history of why they’re related to Christmas?  Well, I’m about to take you on a little adventure of the past! By the time you finish reading this, you will know the history of reindeer. Reindeer are relatives to deer, hence the name rein “deer.” They have adapted to living in harsh, cold climates. Reindeer mainly live in colder places, due to the amount of fur on their bodies.

Rudolph and the other reindeer were created when by Robert May in 1939. Robert was asked to write a story to market new products that had come to that store during the holiday. He drew Rudolph just to promote the store, but then it became a hit and later went viral as a children’s book.

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