Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas truce during WWI

Above: A newspaper article tells of the Christmas Truce during World War I. Image from collectors

Howdy miscreants! I’m here to tell you about something that just seems amazing hearing about it. This, of course, is what is referred to as the Christmas Truce in World War 1. This didn’t happen anywhere but in the year 1914, and it became a big occurrence during the week of Christmas. Basically as the name of the Christmas Truce suggests, there was a small truce between the soldiers and only the soldiers. For this was no official thing; it was even condemned by high ranking officers, but it didn’t stop this from happening after only five months of the war. Though depending on the location, this truce varied from both sides exchanging gifts in no man’s land to just allowing each other to go out, grab your dead, and repair your trenches. Though in one area they even had a soccer match or football basically whatever you want to call it with it happening in Europe and all. This was a movement in the war known as the “Live and Let Live” movement of the soldiers not really wanting to kill each other. High ranking officers condemned this “fraternization” though and combining that with how bad the war got with chemical weapons and other factors, these truces occurred less and less often. Though at a few places, this still continued but never in the same way it did in 1914. Yet, I personally will always see this as an amazing occurrence during the darkest of times.

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