Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Morning


Pots and pans clanging and banging,
Christmas lights, decorations hanging and dangling
As excitement abounds racing to the living room
Christmas flavored coffee creamers couldn’t come so soon.
Waking up brothers and sisters by jumping and shouting, “Get up! It’s time!”
Waiting on family “It’s Christmas prime!”
Pinks and blues and greens Woohoo!
Reds and yellows and sparkly garland too!
Eating breakfast is always fun.
Scarfing down your meal faster to get done.
It is time for presents with Santa and his helpers.
Gather ‘round family and get ready to unwrap.
Let us all see what Santa has in his Christmas sack--
Small hands, elf helpers, passing out stockings, waiting patiently
Excitement thrives!
Trying to guess what’s in the package--shaking the box--
Shredding and tearing the present wrappings off,
Playing with the gifts and family and even friends.
This is when Christmas fun truly begins.
Don't let it fool you.
Christmas is so much more than getting out of school.  

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