Thursday, November 9, 2017

Warrior Wiki-Up



Howdy miscreants. I am here with an article that is basically just an advertisement for a school store that will open later this school year. The date that this school store will open is yet to be decided. The products for said store are being designed and produced by the Entrepreneurship class. So far we have been designing our own t-shirts and buttons. We can produce the buttons, but we have yet to get enough designs to begin selling them and we're still working on getting those designs onto the shirts. These won’t be the only products however. This store will also sell earbuds, portable chargers, and such. You may be wondering a few things, so I will try to answer them. One thing you may be wondering is, “What is this school store called?” If you are wondering this, your investigative skills are pitifully, horribly bad because; one it’s in the title, and two the logo is above this article. So yes this in-school store is called the Warrior Wiki Up. Something else you may be wondering is, “When will this in school store begin selling things?” Well an exact date hasn’t been made and the products are still being designed. Guessing by the progress that has been made within the class I would guess in a month or two. You may also be wondering, “Dawson I haven’t heard of this store until now, so how did you find out about it?” Well that is an easy question inquisitive reader. I am in this Entrepreneurship class designing products and trying to get this in school store off the ground. I was even the one who designed the logo for the Warrior Wiki Up. This article is to help get word out about this store to help spike interest for it. You may think that the school shirts will just be the same boring junk each time. Many members of the class (including me) have made designs that we show around the school to see how some of our fellow students think of the ideas. So trust me when I say this is going to be different, interesting, and quite entertaining for we have some pretty funny t-shirt and button designs we are working on. So keep an eye out for the Warrior Wiki Up you bunch of miscreants.

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