Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving football


Thanksgiving is a time of tradition in America. Families come together in harmony and have a big dinner and are just thankful for a lot of things. But a lot of Americans have brought in a tradition that is truly American, and that is watchING football during Thanksgiving. Two NFL franchises host a yearly turkey day game. Dallas Cowboys has been hosting since 1966 and only missed two games in that span. Another franchise that hosts a yearly turkey day game is the Detriot Lions, and they hosted their first game in 1935. This year for the first time in franchise history the Washington Redskins will host the New York Giants. This year’s matchups include Vikings @ Lions, Chargers @ Cowboys, and New York Giants @ Redskins.
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On 11/23 the Ole Miss Rebels go to the Mississippi Bulldogs’ house to play on Thanksgiving day. This is the only college football game being played on Thanksgiving, but five other teams play the day after and then all other teams play on Saturday. So grab some leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner and watch some football!

Ian Mitchell & Colton Scott

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