Tuesday, November 14, 2017

First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was started by the Pilgrims. They celebrated this day because of their religion. It was actually about prayer-- not days of feasting. This holiday started in 1621. It was the first “Turkey Day.” One day, four settlers were hunting for food for a harvest celebration. They heard gunshots and alerted their leader. They thought the English were preparing for war. Their leader visited the English settlement with 90 of his men to see if it was true. Soon after, they realized that the English were doing the same thing. They were also hunting for the celebration. The English and native people decided to eat together. The peace only lasted for a generation though. For them, the holiday is a reminder of betrayal. The meal consisted of deer, corn, and roasted meat. It was pretty different from today’s Thanksgiving feast. On this occasion, the colonists gave thanks to God for rain after a two-month drought.

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