Tuesday, November 14, 2017


You’re probably wondering, “What is Oktoberfest?” It’s basically a huge festival in Munich, Germany. But why is there a festival on the third weekend of September every year? It all began in 1810 when there was an important wedding to attend. The crown prince, Ludwig, later to become King was marrying Princess Therese on October 12, 1810. All of the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the Royal festivity. In 1810, the main event besides the wedding was horse races, and so from then on it became a tradition. But by 1811 they added an agriculture show to help boost the Bavarian agriculture. But by 1818, they decided to add a carousel and two swings; small beer stands were also set up. But later in the years about 1896 the small beer stands became beer tents. It became a fairground trade and continued to grow and develop in Germany. But now in 2017, they have carousels, rollercoasters and other fun things for all ages. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Oktoberfest. It sounds really fun and maybe just maybe you’ll end up going one day.

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