Monday, November 13, 2017

Black Friday history


Black Friday is known as a national shopping holiday for multiple reasons.  It lies on the first day after the holiday before Christmas (Thanksgiving).  It is a way to kick off the celebration of the Christmas season.  The first Black Friday was on September 24, 1869, even though it did not have the same name back then.  President Abraham Lincoln started this holiday.  It originally was created because of the crash of the U.S. gold market.  When this happened, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk partnered in buying all of the nation’s gold with hopes of raising the prices very high and selling it to make a huge profit.  This got out, which caused the stock market to free fall and everyone to go bankrupt.  Myths have also surfaced that on Black Friday in the 1800s, plantation owners could buy slaves at discounted prices, which started a fuss of allowing the holiday to remain, but there is no fact of it.  

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