Saturday, October 28, 2017

Weird Halloween laws in the United States



    Howdy miscreants. Due to recent rulings in journalism recently for this week, articles have been assigned. Anyway forget freedom and the press and all that; you’re going to do an article on this. Don’t even get to choose from a list, huh? Just here you go; do it, or else. Anyway past my complaints I have stated for personal enjoyment combined with the fact the editors will have to read said complaint, this article is about weird Halloween laws from around the country. So, yeah, prepare yourselves for my list. This information is from

  • Masks: Apparently even though a big thing about Halloween is dressing up and basically disguising yourself places like Dublin, Georgia saying no one under the age of 16 can wear a mask. Ok my opinion on this is that I would understand not allowing older people to wear a mask because of criminals and stuff, but why children? Why would adults but not children be allowed to wear a mask? I’m just confused with this; it’s just, why?

  • No Halloween on Sundays: All right in Rehoboth, Delaware celebration of Halloween is banned if Halloween falls on a Sunday. You can still celebrate the holiday, it’s just that it will take place on the 30th of October from 6-8 PM. Ok I can understand a little bit with this, it’s just I think they’re overreacting a bit with the no Halloween on Sunday thing. Though the Halloween curfew the timing is bad. By that I mean it ends too soon though the idea for a curfew on Halloween is a good idea.

  • Liar’s Mustache is Unholy: Really that title I just came up with is just to draw more interest into a silly law. Basically it’s just no fake mustaches are allowed to be worn in churches in Alabama for it may make people laugh. So yeah, apparently this is a thing, so I’m just going to leave no comment.

  • No Corsets for the Female Gender: Yeah in Merryville, Missouri women are banned from wearing corsets because of reasons. No idea why, and I have nothing to say other than I thought it would be funny to put female gender instead of women in the title for this law.

So yeah, these are some pretty dang weird laws relating to Halloween. Anyway just make sure you consider these laws if you ever visit these areas on Halloween.

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