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Urban legends from around the world


Hello Warriors! Halloween is just around the corner, and in so, I would like to provide some spookiness to our little school! These aren’t just any scary stories-- these are bone-chilling on an international level!

Here are some of the scariest urban legends, both modern and ancient, from around the world!! Don’t read them alone in the dark!

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In South Korea, beauty standards are extreme. Plastic surgery is also extremely popular, especially with young women. This story tells of a man on the subway, who notices a beautiful woman wearing a red surgical mask. Wearing surgical masks in public is quite the popular fashion statement in Asian countries, so at first, the man thought nothing of it. The man keeps catching glances at her, until she eventually notices. She quietly asks,”Do you think I’m pretty?” The man nods and states that he thinks she is beautiful. The mysterious woman then takes off her surgical mask, revealing a horrifying gash going from ear to ear, with her jaw, gums, and teeth revealed. She glares at the man with wide eyes and screams,”Am I pretty now?!” The man tries to run, petrified, as the woman chases after him with a scalpel. The doors open just in time, and he escapes.

This legend is based heavily on the Japanese urban legend, “Kuchisake-onna”, and the legend took its own form on the mainland! Doesn’t make it any less terrifying though…

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This particular story has circulated the internet for several years, and its extreme popularity is still seen on urban legend and creepypasta forums. According to this legend, a series of experiments involving prison inmates took place in a Russian laboratory in the 1940s. They were researching the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation, using a specially made gas to keep the prisoner’s awake. The results were horrifying. By the fifth day, paranoia had set in, and the prisoner’s avoided at each other. By the ninth day, some patients were screaming relentlessly, others tearing apart the books they were given, and blocking off the one-way mirrors so they could not be observed. The screaming eventually stopped, and for three days, no sounds were heard from the chamber. The researchers, using the intercom, notified the prisoners that they were coming inside. A voice from inside the chamber replied, ”We no longer want to be freed.” After fifteen days, the researchers opened the chamber, and were met with a horrifying sight. The subjects had mutilated themselves, and were almost on the brink of death, but kept repeating that they were terrified of going to sleep, and wanted to stay in the chamber. Surgeons tried to fix the damage, but the patients resisted sedation, laughing maniacally during their surgery. A researcher desperately wanted to put the subjects out of their misery, and shot the head researcher, as well as two subjects. When facing the final subject, he asked him, ”What are you?” The subject replied,”We are you. We are the insanity who lurks within you all, which you hide from in your beds every night. We are the ones you sedate into stillness when you go into the nightly haven we cannot infiltrate.”

The Russian Sleep Experiment has been a popular internet sensation, circulating the internet in the past several years. It is written by Holly Ice, and has been spread around the creepypasta crowd for a long time.

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As I’m sure many of you know, seniors are often known for messing with freshman students, both in high school, and college. In this story, a group of senior medical students decide to pick on a freshman girl. In a practical dissection lab, the seniors were able to get access to a severed human hand. The seniors placed the dissected hand in the girl’s dorm room, and once she entered, locked her in. They forgot about her for a day or so, and when they returned to the room, they were met with a horrific sight. The girl was climbed up on one of the lofts, with crazed eyes and a foaming mouth. She was gnawing aggressively on the severed hand…

This story is, ironically enough, usually told by seniors in college to freshmen, especially in India. The telling of this story is most often told to creep freshmen out, as seniors are known to love to rag on younger students.

Venezuela + Columbia
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This older Latin tale, said to originate in Venezuela and Colombia, is the legend of Ell Sibón, or, The Whistler. It tells the tale of a puerile and spoiled boy, who demands his father to bring him venison for his evening meal. While his father is out, searching for the boy’s request, the boy gets impatient and begins to search for him. When he comes across his father returning home empty-handed, he kills him in a fit of anger. He then takes his father’s organs and entrails home for his mother to cook, without her knowledge of the true nature of the meat. After observing how tough the meat was, the mother put two and two together, realizing it was her husband. She cursed the boy for all eternity, and his grandfather sent dogs out to hunt and chase the boy away from their home. El Sibón is observed as an omen of death. He is regarded as an emaciated and towering ghost, and is known for a whistle that is deceiving: if you hear the whistle close to your ears, you will be safe from his wrath, but if you hear it from far away, it is too late to save your soul. El Sibón is often described or shown to carry around a bag of bones. Some say it is his father’s remains, while others say it is the remains of his victims. Perhaps it is both….

While I did much research on this myth, I could find little results on where this older tale originated. My theory is that it was told by parents to children to make sure they didn’t disrespect their parents, or make outrageous demands. Better think harder next time before you yell at your parents for being grounded...

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The tale of the beautiful Lore Lay has been told time and time again, even getting a modern Marvel makeover. The original myth tells of a beautiful maiden, in some versions a nymph, by the name of Lore Lay. Betrayed by her lover and distraught, she stood atop a sheer slate rock on the bank of the River Rhine, where she is accused of bewitching men and causing them to fall to their deaths. When she is discovered of her crimes, a bishop sentences her to nunnery, rather than death. On her way to the convent, accompanied by three knights, she approaches the rock once more. She asks allowance to climb the rock and view the River Rhine one last time. The knights give her permission, and after climbing the rock, she believes she sees her past lover in the river. She leaps into the river, and to her death. The rock, named the Lorelei rock, is said to murmur the name of her ghost to this very day.

This myth has been told in many forms, though the one above is indeed the original. Some say that she was a siren, causing sailors to crash into the rocks and crags, while others account that she brought the knights to their death, the same way she did the other men. This story originated in the 17th century, due to the sounds of the heavy currents and a small waterfall near the Lorelei rock, which was visible until the late 19th century. This tale has had countless modern retellings, including in Star Trek, Marvel, and a Styx song.

And last, but certainly not least..
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The Dog Boy
This urban legend tells the story of Gerald Bettis, otherwise known as the “Dog Boy”. He earned his nickname for his disturbing habit of capturing local neighborhood animals to torture and kill. He was known as a vicious and merciless child, and as he aged, he became more aggressive to his parents and family. He was so abusive to his elderly mother, that she was placed in protective services and taken away from the household. Soon after his mother left, Bettis killed his own father, shoving him down the stairs. He died of a broken neck, and Bettis claimed it had been an accident. Bettis was arrested, and years later was found dead in his home due to a drug overdose.
Supernatural and poltergeist activity has been reported in his home at 65 Mulberry in Quitman Arkansas. His spirit is often seen in an addition to the house, along with the spirits of the animals he brutalized. Witnesses claim he is 6 feet tall, about 300 pounds, and his spirit has taken animal-like features. He is shaggy, with cat-like eyes, and there have been sightings of him running on all fours down the street.

The story of the Dog Boy is indeed a true story. The case is still an air of mystery, especially to the residents of Arkansas…


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