Saturday, October 28, 2017

Teenagers too old to trick-or-treat

Trick-or-treating is a beloved childhood tradition, popularized in countries such as Canada, UK, and the United States. For years, kids have been going up to doors and knocking, the familiar phrase of “Trick or Treat” on their lips. But how old is too old for trick-or-treating? Some cities have started an age cap for trick-or-treaters, fining teenagers if they come dressed up and knocking.
One on hand, teens are known for causing trouble on the night of spooks and mischief. Teens are said to throw toilet paper around and egg houses if not given candy. All the same, is this issue as prevalent as it has been? Pulling pranks was a tradition years ago, but the fad is seemingly slowing down. On a tetongravity forum, users state that the Halloween mischief has died down over the years, and some say they’ve never witnessed it at all. Pranks will always be relevant, but they’re getting less and less out of hand.
Other sources on the internet also have something to say in the teenage trick-or-treating debate. A viral post claiming that “teenagers are not too old to dress in the spirit of the holiday and celebrate it” has received many comments in agreement. Many say that there is no harm in it, and that they would rather teens be out searching for candy than at Halloween parties involving drugs, alcohol, and other illegal activities.
Another point to consider is that you never know the teen on your porch. They could be new to your country and simply want to participate in a Halloween tradition. They may have a shy little sibling who wanted them to go up to the door instead. Perhaps they’re too poor to afford candy. Perhaps they have a developmental disorder. You can never tell the story behind why the teen is on your doorstep.
In my opinion, there are too many factors to consider. It’s faster and easier to simply give a teenager some candy rather than try to juggle the variables.
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Happy Halloween, Westside!

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