Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Story behind the Amityville horror movie


In the Amityville Horror Story a family lived happily-- in a strange house that was said to be haunted. The story says that the house was originally haunted and that the children and parents were being told to do things they wouldn’t normally do. This was said to lead to murderer Ronald Defeo Jr.’s decision in killing his entire family. Now that is the story of the beginning of it. It can’t be proven and had multiple sources with different stories. Here is something I can tell you. According to ‘The Amity files website,’ Ronald Defeo, Jr. with the nickname ‘Butch’ had called in the murders right after they happened and refused to go into the house. Butch murdered his father Ronald Defeo, Sr. and his mother Louise Defeo-- not to mention he murdered his siblings Dawn, Marc, Allison and John-Matthew. They looked peacefully asleep in every murder scene like they didn’t suffer, but they were all shot--as in a gunshot. It says nothing about the type of gun, and I am sure sound proof walls and muffled gun shots were difficult for a boy like Ronald to come by in 1974. Not that those were not invented back then, but if the gunshots were heard, how did no one wake up? It is terrifying to think of. The house is found in Amityville, New York blocks away from Henry’s Bar at 112 Ocean Drive. It is said that the Defeo family haunts the house. ‘Butch’ is still in jail and should spend his entire life there. I would hope so.

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