Saturday, October 28, 2017

Preseptal cellulitis


What is preseptal cellulitis? According to Malorie Garner and medical research, preseptal cellulitis is a bacterial infection that can be caused by trauma to the eye from a scratch or a bug bite or can even be caused by a bacterial overload to the eye. This is very scary for Malorie who currently has this. When asked the scariest part about it is, Malorie said, “Probably the possibility of losing my eyesight.” If you do not do anything about this infection thinking it will just ‘Go away,’ it can lead to orbital cellulitis. Preseptal is when the skin around the eye swells and becomes inflamed-- which is very painful. When asked what it felt like, Malorie also added, “It feels like sandpaper is in between my skin and rubbing against my skull.”  Orbital cellulitis occurs when the actual eye gets reached by this infection and begins to swell. It is also said to be extremely painful to where you can’t move your eye, and it eventually gets covered completely by the swollen skin around it. This perceptual cellulitis can be cured by antibiotics, but orbital cellulitis is treated by injections and surgical procedures.  Please let Malorie Garner, who is currently a junior, have a quick recovery and let her know we care for her no matter what.

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