Monday, October 16, 2017


There are plenty of rap artist out there but many of them aren’t christian rappers, and christian rappers are mostly underrated compared to today's mainstream rappers. One of them underrated rappers is NF aka Nate Feuerstein , he is a 26 year old American christian rapper  from Gladwin, Michigan. He  raps about his personal life, him relating to his fans, and about people being not who they say they are. NF has been through a lot including losing his mom to an overdose and he also composes about how that has affected his life, and being real in his music which where the slogan “Real Music” or Real Music Til The Day We Die” takes part.

Since he has started rapping he has made four studio albums. The first one was “Moments” released in 2010, secondly was “Mansion” released in 2015. “Mansion” contained his three most popular songs at the time “Mansion”, “Intro” ,and “Wake Up”. Following that album in 2016 “Therapy Session” was released, and this album really increased his recognition of being a rapper. This album contained songs such as “How Could You Leave Us”, “Intro II”, “Therapy Session”, and “Real”. Then just recently on October 6th, 2017 he released an album called “Perception” , this so far has topped the Itunes charts.The song off of the album “Outcast” was in the top trending of Youtube and has reached over 1 million views in the past 5 days.

When NF makes music, it has more meaning behind it then just words. Behind every line of his songs are a story, that story relates to his fans or about his own personal life. People enjoy his music so much because he speaks real, and has no boundries about his emotions and puts all of his effort in keeping his music true and his fans happy. When I say everything he says has a meaning, an example of this would be with his albums. The names of his albums have meaning to it such as “Mansion” his mind is a mansion with so many doors not opened up, referring to his memories or emotions of not being shared.  “Therapy Session” is meaning his life is therapy session and his present self is his therapist. “Perception” is mainly about his fear or emotions in general.

If you like rap or hip hop, I suggest listening to him. His music means something and it might mean something to you, or it give you a new perspective to how you see things. It might also give you something to relate to you.
By: Michael Goodwin

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