Saturday, October 28, 2017

My favorite Christmas decoration

Photo by Zak Bolick

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Zak, what in the name of Christmas is this?” Well, what you’re looking at in the picture above is a  2002 Gemmy Animatronics 5 foot tall singing and dancing Santa Claus, which sings five Christmas songs. One might ask me, “Why is that thing so important to you?” This thing is so important to me because when I was only one year old, my grandparents bought me that Santa in the picture; they bought him for me only because I wanted him and also I pestered the heck out of them until I got it. (You can ask my sister, the editor of Journalism.) Back to my story-- my grandparents paid $159.99 for him; yes, he was expensive, but It was worth it! They don’t make that kind of design of Santa any more. Also, yes, that is my picture of my Santa and I still have him. He will turn fifteen this Christmas.

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