Saturday, October 28, 2017

Let's suck it up

Hello, My name is Leticia Mancilla. I am a senior this year, and I couldn't be more excited. There is a lot of exciting things about senior year-- things like Sr. Prom, Sr. nights, the last pep rallies, the home games, the list could go on and on. What isn't exciting is the hardships that come with senior year. We deal with things like stressing over college, deadlines for scholarships, senioritis, then having to stay strong and not get emotional on several occasions. What I never thought would be considered a hardship is all the pictures we take this year. This year our administration has decided that everyone is going to wear a tux or shaw for our composite pictures instead of being able to send in our senior pictures for the yearbook photo. There has been a lot of debate over this choice. In this article I’m going to explain why we should, what Mr.Graham loves to say, suck it up. I tend to lean toward to the idea of everyone getting an equal chance. I feel as if the tux and shaw backs that up 100%. There is a lot of students at Westside that are barely able to afford the lunch prices, let alone nice outfits, a photo session for senior pictures, and the senior ads in the back of the yearbook. The tux and shaw allow those students to be able to look formal and have a professional photo of themselves.

I also feel like the tux and shaw adds a formal clean-cut look to our yearbook. Everyone needs professional looking photos for themselves. I realize a lot of students are saying that the senior photos are to show our character and allow them to show themselves in the yearbook, but that is what the ads are for. I have realized the students that are most complaining are the ones who can afford all the extra things that come along with senior pictures. That isn't fair to students who aren't able to. I think this year all of the seniors should have a little maturity and just deal with the tux and shaw. We should all be selfless for once and maybe care for our classmates that we’ve grown up with over the years. If you would like to show your character, that would be the best way to do it. Long story short, I hope we can come to a reasonable decision on the composite pictures this year. Thank you for reading my thoughts and opinions.

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