Friday, October 13, 2017

Kindness Rocks Project


Get ready to rock and roll Westside, a new project is sweeping Craighead County! The Kindness Rocks Project, a national project starting in North Carolina, has made its way to Craighead County!
What is the Kindness Rocks Project?
The Kindness Rocks’ goal is to spread positivity through cute painted rocks hidden around local areas. The goal is for someone to find your rock, have it brighten up their day, and to help them get in on the project as well!
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So how does the Kindness Rocks project work?

Basically you paint rocks, leaving either a happy or cute painting, or a motivational message on them. You paint “Kindness Rocks project”, or a link to the facebook page on the back of the rock, along with a signature if you’d like. You then hide the rock somewhere in public where someone will eventually come across it, but don’t make it too obvious. Think of it like an Easter egg hunt!

Someone will eventually find your rock, and it will hopefully bring a smile to their face!

What can I do to help?
If you want to help out in the Kindness Rocks project, simply paint a rock and leave it! That’s it! One rock can help spread the word about this project, and brighten up someone’s day. I personally found out about this project by finding my own rock!

Now go out and get involved today!

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