Saturday, October 28, 2017

How to relieve stress in healthy ways

Life gets the best of all us sometimes, don’t you agree? Of course.There are many times in a day, week, month, and year that you may feel like you’re gonna rip your hair out. So let me help you and let’s talk about ways to handle your stress.
Keeping a journal is a great way to manage stress. The act of writing down your ideas helps control anxiety, stress, etc. and can improve your mood a lot. Writing is an excellent way to organize that mess of thoughts buzzing in your head. When all your ideas are laid out in front of you and organized well you feel a great sense of relief. Feeling relief can make those layers of stress seemingly melt away. Writing your ideas down is a great and healthy way to help relieve stress.
Dealing with stress can be hard and a lot of times it can be hard to make time for yourself. Instead of always stressing, take at least an hour a day to do things that you actually like to do. You can actually benefit tremendously from doing things that you like to do. It shows to improve energy and motivation and you’ll learn how to handle stress better. With less stress you’re family and work life can improve  with you being in a better mood and getting more done. This can also improve your health. With stress, your blood pressure can rise and your health will deteriorate, leading to a heart attack, and no one wants that. Paint, write a book, ride a bike, pet a dog. What you like is what you like and do whatever the heck you want.
What is meditation you ask? Meditation is a self practice. It allows you to take a moment out of your day to relax and get to yourself. Meditation has such a calming effect on the body. When you meditate  you are becoming aware of your mind and body. This relaxing hypnosis brings many feelings of peace throughout your mind and body. Meditation originated about 5,000 years ago. Some researchers believe that meditation started from people sitting around a fire. Buddha is a major meditation icon. Meditation may seem uncommon right now but every day it’s slowly getting more and more popular. Meditation is a cheap easy and source to relax yourself. You can find meditation videos all over YouTube; people are even coming out with apps. Now that you know all this valuable information go ahead try it yourself!
One of the best ways I have found to relieve stress is to go for a walk or even just going outside to get some fresh air. Here are 5 ways walking helps relieve stress.
1. It can put your mind in a meditative state.
According to recent studies, walking in green spaces can ease your mind and send you into a meditative state.
           2.  Just being outside reduces your stress level.
Being in nature has been linked to stress reduction and also improves memory and attention as well as energy levels.
          3. Walking boost stress-busting endorphins
Just like any other physical exercise, walking can boost endorphins which can help fight stress.
          4. Walking with friends helps even more.
Walking with friends can help a lot more because you have people with you that know what to say and/or do to make you feel better.
          5. Walking boosts energy and reduces fatigue
Taking a 20 minute walk can help you reduce not only stress but fatigue too.
You’ve already heard so many ways to relax yourself, why are you still here reading this? Go get some time to yourself, get happy, and take a break!! Now that you know all these awesome ways to handle your stress, you are fully prepared to take on life! Have fun! Namaste.

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