Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween plans

Howdy Miscreants. If I know people, I know that we are a bunch of nosy jackwagons and whatnot. So it’s getting close to Halloween or Hallows Eve-- whatever you want to call it. So a few people and I went and interrogated/interviewed a few people, so you’ll know what they’re doing. So, yeah, time to get up in the life of some random people.

  • I’m going to give candy to trick or treaters. (Andrew)
  • I’m heading to Pumpkin Hollow. (Dimitri)
  • I’m just going to walk around the neighborhood looking at decorations. (Rachel)
  • I’m going to give some candy to trick or treaters and then eat the rest. (Logan)
  • Probably scare children. (Timothy)
  • Sleep. (Marc)
  • Eat chili. (Mrs. Riggs)
  • Nothing because I’m boring. (Seth)
  • I might have a bonfire. (Landon)
  • Going home and sleeping and eating food. (Zakhry)
  • Tagging along with my sibling and going to my grandma’s. (Dillyn)
  • I’m going to sleep, sleep some more, and pretend Halloween doesn’t exist. (Daniel)
  • Don’t know yet. (Derek)
  • Going to haunted houses maybe and handing out candy. Also me and my mom are going to tie red balloons to sewer grates. (Emily)
  • Doing a trunk or treat with my church. (Kayla)
  • Staying at home. (Kaleb)
  • I really don’t know. (Garret)
  • At the house sleeping and eating. (Alex)

Anyway, now that you know what you’re fellow man is doing for the spooky night (Halloween), it’s time to get ready for that night by locking your doors, stalking your friends, or just straight up hiding in the bushes in a ghillie suit for those on this list recognized, and the ones recognizing, be ready.

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