Tuesday, October 3, 2017

SteamWorld Dig 2 - review


Howdy Miscreants! Now tell me, have you ever thought of playing a game as a steam powered robot where you dig deep for resources to upgrade yourself so you can find your lost friend? It has been compared as a metroidvania combined with Dig Dug. I’m going to take a guess and say probably not, but if you did think of that may I say you are weird. For that is way too much of a specific thing for you to think. Anyway I can tell you I never did until I heard of this game. So yeah Steamworld Dig 2 is the third game in its series, but I know what you’re saying right now, “But Dawson, that title of that game has the number two in it, so it can only be the second game.” Well ,if you did say that you best be quiet because I'm not finished yet. It’s the third game for its predecessors are its prequel Steamworld Dig and its sequel of a different kind of game type, but it’s in the lore of this game series Steamworld Heist. Anyway, I first heard of this game series a while back and later heard of this game's development and I thought, “Huh that looks pretty neat.” So the other day I was flipping through the internet because of boredom and saw that this game had been released, and it was being scored pretty well. (Also side note I’m not going to score this game; I’m just going to say what I liked and what I griped about in this game. I did this in past tense, but, in reality, I’m still playing this game currently because it is fun.) Anyway, back on track-- I thought this game looks fun, and it was twenty bucks; I was like I got the money, so I’m going to buy that. So let me tell you now this game is currently available for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and people who have Steam on their computer. Personally, I bought this on a Switch because this summer I worked up the money and found one online in a bundle for a decent price. I got the game, started playing, and I’ve been enjoying it. The game claims it has about fifteen hours of play time, which is apparently quite accurate based on what I’ve heard and personally from seeing how the game has been so far. Anyway the basis of the game is Rusty (your friend) has vanished, and you are out looking for him as a steam powered robot named Dot. So you've got to dig your way underground until you find him. You will fight weird monsters and even robo cultists or whatever you'd call them. So you can dig, sell, upgrade, and dig some more all the way to your lost friend. You may wonder how this sounds like fun, but it is. Also there are these puzzle levels you find as you dig down. They are basically some sort of puzzle or challenging terrain you have to get through, and once you do, you’re rewarded a new ability or a special kind of currency to purchase special upgrades. Also there is always some sort of hidden secret thing that allows you to find an artifact. You give this to this one guy, and he will unlock more upgrades for you. Now that I’ve said all this, you must be like "yeah puzzles and stuff, but where’s the challenge?" [sic] Well let me tell you there are enemies and they are everywhere. That’s about it though. The enemies are annoying, easy to deal with but easy to get hurt by. So not horrible, but you will have to remove them to get the goods underground. Also speaking of enemies, there are the occasional bosses. These guys aren't that hard or annoying and quite fun to fight. This usually consists of digging around the arena avoiding death until the boss opens himself up to a counterattack. Though my complaint about the bosses is that there aren’t enough of them. When you do find them, it can be quite worth it in enjoyment and what you’ll find after you defeat them. Back to standard enemies though-- they’re boring to fight and sometimes annoying to deal with depending on the enemy(though this annoyance in some of these enemies is completely removed by getting new abilities and upgrades). For example, one annoying enemy that throws projectiles becomes less annoying by getting an upgrade that makes the first projectile do no damage and such. Other upgrades and abilities are just plain fun like my favorite-- the grappling hook. You should know that no explanation is needed to describe why a grappling hook is fun. So yeah, good game. Well at least I think so. If you think this sounds good, then go ahead and get the game; you’ll enjoy it. If you’re unsure, look more into the game and then make a decision. If you hate the idea of this game, that’s fine too; people enjoy different kinds of games. All I can say though is that if you give this game a chance, you’ll probably find that you like it.


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