Monday, October 16, 2017

Data tips and tricks


Need to save data? Learn the secret and follow these steps! When it comes to Snapchat and watching stories, just pre-load their snaps by tapping on them while you still have wifi. That way you could view them even if your data is turned off. If you have iOS 11 you would know that you can now save articles on Safari for offline reading pleasure, but you have to enable “Automatically Save Offline” in Safari’s settings. The easiest way to really save data is to manually shut off data usage in individual apps by going to your settings. Apps like your photos and notes don't need internet anyways. Sometimes you don't even know you’re using data. It might be good to just get off of Wi-Fi Assist because it automatically connects to cell data when your internet signal is low. Something some people may not know is that you can use Maps while you’re offline! All you have to do is put in your destination, choose Drive, Walk, or Transit, and tap on the route while you’re still on Wi-Fi. You will still be able to see a list of directions you can refer to while traveling. Ever think about your messages consuming so much of your data? It is usually due to your photos and videos. Each image can consume 5MB of data. But if you do all of these things it will save so much data! I suggest trying these things if you are like me and use way too data.

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