Monday, October 16, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting


Howdy miscreants. There is no way you haven’t at least heard the basics of this horrible and tragic event. The event I'm talking about is where fifty nine people were gunned down and over five hundred injured in some way. This loss of life happened at a country music festival while Jason Aldean was on stage. A man by the name of Stephen Paddock who was sixty four in a hotel opened fire on the crowd of concert goers of around 20,000 people. The man so far is said to have had 42 guns in the hotel room he was staying in including fully automatic weapons. When police approached him the man ended his own life before he could be apprehended. When I woke up Monday morning this week and heard this I was shocked at what one man did for a currently unknown reason. Stephen Paddock had a criminal father but other than that had lived a clean life until now. ISIS has even claimed that the man was with them although the FBI has put down this statement. For me, there isn’t much else to say. I’m practically speechless until everyone finds out why this man did this. All I can say is that all of our thoughts and prayers will be directed at the people who were lost, the families and friends who’ve lost loved ones, those who brought aid to those in need, and those who survived both injured and unscathed.


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