Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween folklore


    According to Remy Malina’s Live Science and Donald Dossey’s Folklores, there are many stories that have arose over the years. Many of these have started centuries ago and many have developed in the past few years. The black cat folklore symbolizes bad luck and the cat’s bad reputation dates back to the dark ages. Women who had black cats were often accused of conducting witchcraft. Another medieval folklore have started about bats. Spotting a bat on Halloween was considered quite an ominous sign. One myth was that if a bat was spotted flying around one’s house meant someone in your family was going to die. Another myth was that if a bat flew into your house, it was a sign that a ghost let the bat in displaying your house is haunted. Some of the more modern folklores are if you were born on Halloween, you have the strange ability to read dreams. Another modern Halloween tradition is the devil's night, or it is called mischief night. Participants egg and toilet-paper houses or give/receive gifts and treats, which has never changed. Many strange things happen on Halloween, and I’m sure more folklore will arise through the years.

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