Monday, September 11, 2017

World news- Hurricane Harvey

An overhead view of the flooding in Houston. (Photo from

Howdy miscreants! It appears another part of the world is going to crap, and it’s one of Arkansas’ neighbors. If you already don’t know what I’m talking about though, you need to get out more because it’s Hurricane Harvey. When you first heard that name, you probably chuckled like I did, but now you’re afraid too because you feel it’s wrong to laugh at it at this point. I won’t lie, when I first heard this monster of a storm was called Harvey my first thought was Harvey means Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent means Two Face, and Two Face means we should call Batman because he’ll save us. (Yeah, my mind is definitely an expert when it comes to professionalism.) Anyway, Harvey is the strongest hurricane to have hit Texas in decades, so many people weren’t prepared. So now parts of Texas have flooded, and the remains of the storm are heading towards Louisiana and Arkansas. Here where we live there’s the chance of 5-6 inches of rain. Hopefully though this will be over as soon as possible for the people in Texas. So by the unlikely chance someone from Texas does read this: one, why are you on this school’s blog of all school blogs?-- because this is a school from Arkansas, and two keep strong. This storm won’t last forever; it’ll end eventually, and when it does, there will be work to set everything right once more.


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