Thursday, September 7, 2017

The rescues of Harvey

“HSUS members watch as the last dogs are loaded onto a plane.”

 Photograph: Darren Abate/AP Images


On Friday, August 25 of this year, Hurricane Harvey began. Strong winds, rain, and a lot of damage was starting to occur. People fled, leaving houses, memories, and worst of all their animals. Most people were unable to load their horses or load their cattle in time. They were stranded. Even dogs, cats, and birds were left behind. People forgot about them or didn’t have room to take them. That's when the rescues started to come together to form a plan to rescue as many animals as they could for the time being. These rescuers are from all over the country, such as Wings of Rescue. They are a one of a kind charity that flies rescue animals all over the USA to find shelters who are willing to help take in their rescues. Wings of Rescue takes pride in what they do and are willing to risk their lives in dangerous situations to retrieve helpless animals who aren’t able to get out and save themselves on their own. Their mission is to “Fly large numbers of at risk, healthy pets long distances from high intake shelters to our network of no-kill shelters throughout the United States and Canada.  Founded in 2012, Wings of Rescue has a squadron of volunteer pilots flying the rescue missions in their own airplanes, as well as a fleet of chartered cargo planes. In 2017 our goal is to to fly 10,000 pets to safety. Since our inception, over 26,000 pets have been flown to safety.” Their plans for moving the animals are to move out all the animals who are in local or surrounding shelters so they can place the local rescues in, so pet owners can hopefully find their animals fast. In addition, they have teamed up with shelters over the country to help them find temporary homes for them as they keep saving more animals. In the time being they have placed over “450 mostly large dogs and cats to safety to San Diego, Colorado Springs, Morristown New Jersey, Portland Oregon and Seattle,” according to They are looking for more donations to reach their goal of $25,000 dollars to start planning five more flights that could help animals be placed safely in other states. You can help by going to or which is another rescue taking donations and looking for local foster parents in this time of need. Any donations such as food, blankets, collars, leashes, toys, beds, and bowls would be very appreciated. Westside Warriors are sending a lot of prayers to Houston as we think of the mental and physical destruction done during Hurricane Harvey.


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