Sunday, September 17, 2017

WHS band is fire


    The WHS is marching their way into a great new year! Marching season is just around the corner, and WHS band is salsaing their way to competition.
The title of the show is “Colors of Spain” and their songs include:

“Con Slancio”  (Cone-Slahn-see-oh) by Earl J. Fox, Jr. Percussion arranged by Marty Hurley

“Echano” (E-Chahn-oh) music by Chuck Mangione arranged by Jay Dawson percussion by Chris crockarell

“Novus” (No-vuhs) Words and music by Carlos Santana, Walter Afanasieff, Gabor Szabo, Greg Digiovine and Richard Dicicco arranged by Jay Dawson percussion by Jim Reed

“El Cumbanchero” (El Coom-bahn-ch-eh-rroh) Words and music by Rafael Hernandez arranged by Jay Dawson percussion by Jim Reed

Two songs are already set in motion and pat down for showtime. One is in progress and the other-- well, we aren’t there yet, but we are definitely ahead of many other bands in our region because we are learning the third song!
We are a wonderful group.
Loud and proud and powerful!
We are determined to win numerous awards and be the greatest we can be! We work three days a week after school and every day during school. We practice through heat and cold! We are one of the best marching bands… EVER! We definitely LEAD THE WAY!
We are all so excited for the performances to take off.

Make sure you follow the band around and enjoy our performances because We ARE AWESOME!

Thanks for reading, and make sure to cheer on your WHS band members!

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