Friday, September 29, 2017

Westside show team at district fair

   The past fair week has been a rush for the Westside Show Team. Every day was a new adventure for the animals and the students! The days began with getting the lambs and goats ready, then we were off to get ourselves ready in show attire, and then show time! Everyone who showed this weekend did an amazing job. Our showmen started with the pigs on Thursday morning. Weston Adcock and Dusty Primm did a great job keeping their pigs! Dusty was able to place fourth in his class. Then later that afternoon came the lambs. Graycee Cureton, Lindsey Norman, and Taylor Burdyshaw all placed in their classes. Lindsey and Graycee placed third, and Taylor placed first and then went on to win Reserve Grand Champion. Then came the goat show for commercial and market. Meagan Yeargain was the first to show and was also awarded first place in her class. Ashley Diamond was awarded first place, won Grand Champion, and fourth place! Faith Asplund showed in the commercial class and was awarded first place and then went on to win Reserve Grand Champion. The others who did an amazing job are Madison Golden, Zak Bolick, Haleigh Baxter, Gabby Edison, Maddie Stephens, and Jake Parks! Great job to everyone who showed this week!

FB_IMG_1506467271126.jpg FB_IMG_1506467214046.jpg
Haleigh Baxter (in light pink) showing     Taylor Burdyshaw and his Reserve Grand champion
Knockout!    Photo: Melanie Jarchow        Lamb!    Photo: Casey Wells
FB_IMG_1506466672604.jpg FB_IMG_1506466678078.jpg  FB_IMG_1506466709864.jpg
Weston Adcock                           Dusty Primm                               Jake Parks
All Photos by Kim Huffman

FB_IMG_1506466718292.jpg    FB_IMG_1506466738066.jpg Gabby Edison & Newt
Zak Bolick & Hotrod  Photos : Kim Huffman
 FB_IMG_1506466985164.jpg  Graycee Cureton Photo: Casey Wells
 Faith Asplund with Brownie                   Lindsey Norman

Photos: Casey Wells

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