Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Westside choir


The choir members of Westside High School sing and sing for the upcoming Northeast Arkansas All-Region try-outs. They are working hard every chance they get (myself included) in order to place a high ranking chair in the All-Region choir for our region. Singers of the choir are singing try-out pieces such as :

“Take Me To The Water” by Rollo Dilworth with additional lyrics from African- American spirituals’

This piece is a cultural (also known as spiritual) song of when African Americans would escape through the water to lose their scent so dogs could not track them down.

“God Will Give Orders/Sweet Child“ by Sarah Quartel

This piece is a Christian based song based upon the guidance of God and is very faithful and loyal within the lyrics. The lyrics were originally two short poems that became a song with two separate pieces coming together to coexist.

“Nyon Nyon” (Pronunciation N-yuhn N-yuhn) by Jake Runestad

These women will also be trying out here at the school for Select and Honor choirs and getting mandatory after-school and before-school practices.

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