Thursday, September 21, 2017

Smokey Bear origins

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Howdy Miscreants! This article here is, well, I’m not sure what to call it other than Smokey Bear’s Origin. I’m doing this because last week I watched a video on Smokey Bear’s Origin. and then later as a joke I began researching more about him. I also spent time looking at older Smokey Bear posters from when he was first created. Anyway, first of all, the idea of Smokey Bear began in 1944 with some of the anti forest fire campaign posters. Though what’s interesting is that in 1950 a living symbol for Smokey Bear was found. What happened is that a massive forest fire in New Mexico occurred, and after the fact practically all animals had either died or ran from the area-- all except for this one black bear cub that was found clinging to a burnt tree. Its paws had been burnt up, so at first he was called Hot Foot Teddy. Later on as the story got out, they decided to name him after the mascot Smokey Bear making that cub a living symbol. So he was moved to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. where he even got his own zip code for fan mail. Later on his caretakers tried to get Smokey to breed to have a decedent by pairing him with a female bear named Goldie Bear. They did that in 1962, and by 1971 they still had not produced any cubs. They brought in an orphaned black bear that was named Smokey Bear ll or Little Smokey. On November 9, 1972 Smokey died, and his remains were brought to New Mexico; Little Smokey took up his mantle. Then by August 11, 1990 Smokey Bear ll also passed away. During their lifetimes the fact that they were a living mascot brought massive popularity to Smokey and brought tons of attention of how to prevent forest fires. May these living legends be remembered forever.

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