Monday, September 25, 2017

Dress code: students' thoughts


As dress code rules become more enforced, students' input becomes less heard. With the intent of changing that, we interviewed some of your fellow students to see how they feel about dress code here at Westside High School. Here is what they said:
We asked a 12th grade female student if she thinks the dress code is biased. She stated that dress code rules tend to target larger students over skinnier students.She said, “Me and my friends (sic), we’re bigger, so we get dress coded for wearing leggings, but skinny girls can wear them all the time and not get dress coded.” When questioned about whether or not she thinks teachers in the normal classroom setting enforce dress code rules she told us, “If they’re skinny, no; if they’re bigger, then yes.” This student also feels that shirts are just as much a problem when it comes to bigger students vs. skinnier students. In our interview she stated that crop tops get pointed out when larger students wear them but not when skinnier students wear them.
Another student we held an interview with is 9th grader Irene Hood. Irene stated, “I think they’re a little too pushy on it. You have girls wearing leggings with long enough shirts, and teachers will go down the hallway to tell you to put something else on. I think they’re a little too strict on it.”
Both of the female students we interviewed said that they have been recently dresscoded. The first female student said, “We (she and her friends) get dress coded for leggings...” Irene stated that her code experience wasn’t exactly fair either. She said,“I was wearing jeans that had holes in them, but I was wearing leggings under them. I was told that the leggings under the jeans were inappropriate and had to take both pairs off.”
When asked if they were biased, both Irene Hood and our male student, David McAndrew, said they didn’t think dress code targeted anyone in particular. David said that, “It doesn’t target anyone because it’s set for everyone; like, if you’re wearing this, it’s not good regardless.” Irene reported that, “I don’t think it’s really biased; I think they do it to everyone, but even for everybody they’re still too strict on them. I don’t think they’re too biased about it.”

Now for the readers: have any of you had issues with the school’s dress code? Do you think it was unfair? Do you think after all the issues and complaints they should change some of our dress code rules? If so, which ones? We’d love to have input!

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