Friday, September 22, 2017

Dance classes for Westside


     I believe we need to have more class options here at Westside. One awesome way to do that is to offer dance classes. Now I know many will say this will interfere with the dance team that we have, but this is not true. The dance team is not a class; members are selected to be on the team. I would love to have a class that could teach us not only the history of dance but also have an instructor to teach us the dances. I think we should have two half credit classes that teach the basics of dance and the history. Then we could have a skills class where students would pay dues or make small payments to pay the instructor for coming in and teaching us the actual dance skills. Now you’re probably wondering, "How are we going to do semester test in a skills class?"   It’s simple; the teacher can have students perform and grade on how performance. That would work as a semester test plus anything else that the instructor has assigned. This would be a wonderful opportunity for students who really want to learn more about dance and learn how to do it themselves. This would also give more students a chance for a possible scholarship and even a possible career for those students who just really take interest in the classes. This could change a student’s future.

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