Friday, September 8, 2017

C.M.D becomes C.I.A.



Christians Making a Difference (C.M.D.) recently changed their name to Christians in Action (C.I.A.). The club hopes that a name change will raise some questions about who the club is and what they do. Not only did the student-ran club make changes to their name, but they also made changes to the way the club is organized. The club was set up with a traditional president, vice president, treasurer, reporter, secretary. But this year the club is doing away with officer positions and simply having officers. Each officer has the same responsibilities and power. The idea behind changing the way the leadership of the club is organized is to become more of a team than a democracy. The club hopes to grow more this year, and they hope that by having a new setup, the club can take on more projects and reach out to the school more.

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