Sunday, September 17, 2017

Changes in the air and yearbook


There are changes in the air this year--new classrooms, new schedules, new teachers, new ideas. A change that might have gone unnoticed is the new yearbook staff and sponsor. This year Mrs. Brooke Chapman took over heading the yearbook staff. She sought out a hand selected staff group to aid her in creating this year's yearbook. During the summer the team was already preparing to create the yearbook by attending a workshop. With ideas already forming, the group began to meet every other day at school discussing ideas, formats, and options. The yearbook staff has already chosen a theme for this year. Mrs. Chapman hinted at the theme by making the comment, “We are going for a more candid, not staged, more of a real life perspective of what happens at our school. We want to capture people without them really knowing we are there. We are also going for more artistic layouts; it's almost gonna be a scrapbook style than a traditional yearbook.”  I asked the group what other changes to expect in this year’s edition of the yearbook. Mrs. Chapman also stated, “We are going back to a fall release year book so that we can include spring sports, prom, and graduation, so it will be bigger because we will be including those things.” One of the big changes the staff mentioned were the club pictures. The staff is doing away with ‘Club Picture Day.’ It is now up to the clubs to send in their own pictures. Gage Pipkin, the editor said,  “We want to have the more candid shots to express what that club is about. Plus the lighting in the gym is rather drab looking. If we could get clubs in action, it would save time and important material.” The cut off date for club pictures to be turned in is January 31, 2018. Clubs are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box.

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